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Versailles * - the legacy of the era of Louis XIV, a symbol of the greatness of France and the French monarchy. The royal chambers of the palace are striking in their luxury and theatricality. Here were held official ceremonies and great state affairs were decided. The royal family lived in the palace, as well as thousands of courtiers and attendants. Balls and carnivals, dinner parties and dinners were held in the palace, palace intrigues were woven, and profitable marriages were made. All these aspects of the life of French aristocrats were regulated by strict rules - ETIQUETTE. And for Kings, Etiquette was not only a way to streamline life at court, but also the ability to keep all aristocrats under control. All obeyed the same rules.

You will learn how kings and aristocrats lived in Versailles. What kind of clothes, shoes and wigs were worn. What they did eat and how they did behave at table. How they addressed the king and queen. How and when they hunted. What role music did play at court. How they looked after the ladies and challenged to a duel.

We will visit the front apartments of the king and queen, as well as the most beautiful hall of the palace - the mirror gallery. It was there that the wedding of the heir and future King Louis XVI and the Austrian Princess Marie Antoinette was celebrated. We will see the most golden room of Versailles - the bedroom of Louis XIV, where the king's day began. And for sure we will look into the Queen’s bedroom, where 19 princes and princesses were born and where you will see a secret door that once saved the life of Marie Antoinette.

We will end our tour with a walk through the royal garden, where we will talk about summer celebrations and entertainment - parties, handball, the royal zoo and of course the famous Versailles fountains - the pride of the sun king.

The tour includes a visit to the main exposition, open to the public. But you also have an additional option - a unique opportunity during this visit to see the King’s private apartments, hidden from the eyes of visitors to Versailles. This option requires additional formalities and expenses and can be provided upon request.

Also on request, you can learn about the intricacies of court etiquette on excursions to the chambers of kings and queens in the Louvre.

* The tour is designed and conducted by a specialist in etiquette, serving, the history of gastronomy and the traditions of the French life at court

for tour
from 4,5hours

Important info

  • You must pay in addition at the meeting with the guide:
1) Entrance ticket to the palace and gardens of Versailles Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday - 27 euros per person, Thursday - 20 euros per person. Children under 18 do not need entrance tickets to the palace.
2) Admission to Versailles Gardens for children on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays costs 10 euros.
3) Transfer from your hotel by car (round trip) - 140 euros
4) When booking an excursion to the Louvre: entrance ticket to the museum - 17 €; for participants under 18 years the admission to the museum is free upon presentation of a document confirming the age

  • You do not need to buy tickets yourself, the guide reserves group tickets with the right to conduct excursions
  • During the high season, we recommend to book this tour in advance
  • We ask you to come to the meeting place 15 minutes before the start of the tour
  • The tickets for the entrance to the palace must be paid in advance and couldn’t be refunded if you cancel the excursion
  • To order excursions for large groups of up to 25 people, please contact us

Louvre (2,5 hours)
250€ for tour
Versaillles (4,5 hours)
300€ for tour
Versailles + private apartments * (6 hours)
985€ for tour
Price: 250€
For prepaying: 30€

Meeting place

Meeting place

When booking an excursion to Versailles with a transfer from Paris meeting with a guide in the lobby of your hotel

Contact number: +33 6 95 11 37 55

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Отличная экскурсия! Бесподобный гид! Юлия, спасибо вам большое, день прошёл волшебно, максимум положительных эмоций! Очень ценю и уважаю людей, влюблённых в своё дело и это именно тот случай. Дворец, сад, короли, придворные, эпоха, все прочувствовала благодаря такой изумительной подаче информации. Несколько часов пролетели незаметно, легко и комфортно! Буду в Париже обязательно обращусь к вам! Вы большая умница, низкий поклон)
Ольга, 20 мая 2019
Рекомендую!Мы с подругой первый раз посетили Версаль ,получили большое количество впечатлений и эмоций. Погрузились в атмосферу великолепия и красоты, почувствовали дух роскоши и богатства французской истории! Узнали очень много интересного и нового, а главное отдохнули и переключились, и совсем не устали. В этом нам помогла замечательный гид Юлия, которая организовала для нас комфортную и интересную экскурсию. Очень эрудированная и профессиональная гид, а главное очень открытый и легкий человек. Захотелось ещё приехать к ней, чтобы посетить другие места. Спасибо Юлии, скоро приедем снова .........
Юлия отличный рассказчик!Экскурсия прошла легко и приятно, гид ориентировалась на наши предпочтения, исчерпывающе отвечала на вопросы. Мы остались очень довольны. Спасибо Юлии

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