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In one day we can visit the largest antique market in the world in Saint-Ouen at the outskirts of Paris and one of the most beautiful palaces in France in the Parisian suburb Malmaison.

On the market you will find galleries with antique furniture, mirrors and chandeliers, boutiques where antique porcelain and silverware are presented, vintage fashion and jewelry, art objects, objects of famous designers.

On the market you can find everything you need for a design project. Famous decorators and interior designers come here to search for masterpieces. Depending on your goals and wishes, we will draw up an ideal route for you through the market. With our guides, you can visit not only famous antique art galleries, but also warehouses of antique furniture that are hidden from the eyes of ordinary tourists. There you have a real chance to find a rare treasure at a bargain price.

During the tour you will learn about the most famous shops at the market, about different styles (Baroque, Rococo, Empire) and French furniture manufacturing techniques, about silverware, porcelain and the art of table setting. Our guide will help you to manage the choice of buying and negotiate with the seller, and you are sure to take with you the treasures you like.

And if you wish, you can continue the tour by going to the Malmaison castle to see the birth of the French Empire style, which was created for the glory of Emperor Napoleon I. The castle contains many personal items of Napoleon and Josephine that surrounded them and that they used in daily life: furniture, toiletries, jewelry, clothes created specifically for the emperor and his wife. Malmaison comes to life before your eyes as the embodiment of the refined taste of the Empress and the character of Napoleon, for the sake of whom she created family coziness in the estate.

After visiting the castle, we take a walk through the magnificent English garden of the Empress, for which she gathered about 200 different types of roses. One of them is still called "Josephine". About what else is notable at the estate of the imperial family, we will talk on the tour.

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from 3 hours

Important info

  • This is a walking tour. For your own comfort we recommend that you wear comfortable shoes
  • The tour is conducted for a group of 1 to 5 people, the group can be increased by paying additional 50 euros per person
  • In addition to the tour of the antique market, you can add the visit to the country residences of Napoleon and Josephine in Malmaison
  • The price does not include: the taxi to the Malmaison Palace (35-50 euros), the ticket to the Malmaison Museum: 6.50 euros per adult, 5 euros per person for people between 18 und 25 years, children under 18 are for free
  • During the high season, we recommend to book this tour in advance
  • The minimum duration of the tour of the antique and flea markets is 3 hours (cost from 250 euros), each subsequent hour is paid extra
  • The minimum duration of a tour of the antique and flea markets plus the Malmaison Palace is 7 hours (cost from 420 euros), each subsequent hour is paid extra
  • Registration for the tour ends 24 hours before the start of the tour
  • To order excursions for large groups, please contact us


Antique market
260€ for tour
+ Château Malmaison
430€ for tour
Price: 260€
For prepaying: 30€

Meeting place

Point d'Information Tourisme PUCES PARIS SAINT-OUEN

124 Rue des Rosiers, 93400 Saint-Ouen

Contact number: +33 6 95 11 37 55

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