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"I can’t do that!" and "I don’t understand anything about it!" – We often hear these two exclamations in museums of modern art. For proving you the opposite, there is no better place than the Centre Pompidou! This tour is for those who want to understand modern art and learn how to enjoy abstract paintings and intricate installations.

In the collection of this famous museum, that is also an object of art itself, we find the art from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day.

During our visit of Beaubourg, as it’s called by Parisians, we will start with the collections of the Fauvists, united around Henri Matisse. Their works are distinguished by the brightness of colors that exceed the real colors of the depicted objects. 

We will see the work of Picasso, talk about cubism and the technique of depicting an object from different angles, giving the impression of movement. We will get acquainted with Dada and the famous works of Andy Warhol, on one of which Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor smiles with the ambiguous smile of Mona Lisa.

The permanent exhibition at Pompidou museum is constantly updated. The funds are so large that only 3% of paintings from the storerooms can be exhibited in the halls. But we will surely find the scandalous "Black Square" by Malevich and the "Fountain" by Duchamp. And let's try to understand how a black square on a white background, that even a child could draw, became a masterwork of art.

The Centre Pompidou is one of the most international museums with artists from all over the world, from Russia to the United States, from Northern Europa to Italy and Spain. Nearly all our guests will find a piece of art realized by some of their fellow countrymen.

We will “walk” through art from the beginning of XX, through Dada, surrealism and pop art, to our days and see not only paintings, sculptures and installations, but also examples of industrial design. Like, for example, the iMAc, that Apple presented to the museum in 1999.

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You will see :

  • Paintings by Matisse, Vlaminok and Derain
  • Masterpieces of the famous Russian avant-garde artists Chagall, Kandinsky, Malevich, as well as Goncharova and Larionov
  • Canvases by the great artists Picasso, Braque and Leger
  • The shocking urinal of Duchamp and one of Malevich's Black Squares
  • Mondrian’s geometric paintings
  • Surrealist paintings
  • Andy Warhol's famous works
  • Scandalous art of Dadaists and artists of the “new materiality” trend
  • 60ies installations
  • Recordings of various performances and happenings, installations of contemporary art: the work of new artists and sculptors from the 70s to the present day

Important info

  • Cut-the-line entrance with your licensed guide
  • Book this tour in advance; available places in mini-groups may end
  • ADMITTANCE TICKETS TO THE MUSEUM ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE COST OF THE EXCURSION. YOU CAN BRING THE MONEY TO THE GUIDE.  Ticket price - 14 €; under 18 years - admission to the museum is free upon presentation of a document confirming the age
  • Entrance tickets are purchased in advance by the guide. When ordering an excursion, you must inform the names and surnames (in Latin letters) of all excursion participants over 18 years of age
  • The tour takes place starting with two participants
  • Children from 0 to 7 years get a discount upon presentation of age-proof documents to the guide
  • Registration for the tour ends 15 hours before the start
  • Please come in advance, for respect to the other participants, guides couldn’t wait longer than 15 minutes
  • Since places in the mini-groups are reserved in advance, cancellations from your part one day or less before the start of the excursion are not refundable (advance payments are not given back)
  • to order excursions for large groups, please contact us
45€ per person
children (8-17)
45€ per person
children (0-7)
17€ per person
Price: 45€
For prepaying: 20€

Meeting place

Meeting place
Guide with a sign at the exit of the Rambuteau subway exit 1 (Sortie 1) - line 11

Contact phone: +33 6 95 11 37 55
Super reviews
Нам очень понравилась экскурсия в Помпиду с Натальей! Многие художники открылись нам совершенно по-новому, прояснились многие вопросы о современном искусстве. Конечно, за два часа невозможно охватить все стили и направления, но Наталье удалось расставить основные акценты и выделить главное. Хочется ещё раз вернуться и поговорить об искусстве. Спасибо!  
Прекрасная экскурсия по музею ПомпидуПрекрасная экскурсия по музею Помпиду, спасибо Наталья! Путешествие по основным «измам» XX века с понятными объяснениями. Доходчиво,интересно, содержательно, со знанием дела и любовью к современному искусству. А также внимательным отношением к слушателям. Наталья хорошо разбирается в материале и может сориентировать вас в океане разных направлений нового искусства. Рекомендую!  
Экскурсия прошла на одном дыхании! Все непонятное вдруг стало понятным! Теперь я смело могу сказать, что меня заинтересовало современное искусство! Благодарю экскурсовода Наталью:)))
Мария О.

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