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It is hard to believe that in 2 hours in the Louvre you can see all the most important things?

Come and make sure that it is possible with us! If this is your first acquaintance with the Louvre, then you simply can’t imagine a better option. Our guides, knowing all the secret passwords, will help you to skip the line.

Once inside you will go to wander through the galleries of the Louvre, getting to know its secrets and travel through the centuries. You will find yourself in a medieval dungeon, try yourself in the role of the restorer of Venus of Milos and see how Apollo took the first “selfie”, learn to distinguish between the real Greek hero and meet Michelangelo, admire Nika Samothrace and look into the eyes of the main woman of the Louvre - Mona Lisa, maybe da Vinci himself?

We will introduce you to the greatest Kings of France, as well as their beloved, take a look behind the scenes of the wedding of Bonaparte and Josephine, dance with the Sun King and drown in the luxury of the Second Empire!

Bypassing all three wings of the Louvre, you will not believe that time has come to an end. Vigorous, full of strength and good mood, you can decide for yourself whether to stay still wandering on your own or to go further on your next tour with us!
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You will see :

  • Mona Lisa and other paintings by Leonardo da Vinci
  • Venus de Milo
  • Nika Samothrace
  • Parade apartments of Napoleon III
  • sculptures by Michelangelo
  • The 3 largest paintings of the Louvre
  • brushes: Veronese, David and Zheriko
  • medieval dungeon of the Louvre
  • Parade halls of Louis 14 (King of the Sun), which he traded for Versailles
  • the bedroom and the throne of Napoleon I
  • empresses' jewelery
  • "Cupid and Psyche" Canova
  • "Freedom on the barricades" Delacroix
  • and much more...

Important info

  • Cut-the-line entrance with your licensed guide
  • Book this tour in advance; available places in mini-groups may end
  • ADMITTANCE TICKETS TO THE LOUVRE ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE COST OF THE EXCURSION. YOU CAN BRING THE MONEY TO THE GUIDE, or buy them yourself. Under 18 years - admission to the museum is free upon presentation of a document confirming the age
  • Entrance tickets are purchased in advance by the guide. When ordering an excursion, you must inform the names and surnames (in Latin letters) of all excursion participants over 18 years of age
  • The tour takes place starting with two participants
  • Children from 0 to 7 years get a discount upon presentation of age-proof documents to the guide
  • Registration for the tour ends 15 hours before the start
  • Please come in advance, for respect to the other participants, guides couldn’t wait longer than 15 minutes
  • Since places in the mini-groups are reserved in advance, cancellations from your part one day or less before the start of the excursion are not refundable (advance payments are not given back)
  • to order excursions for large groups, please contact us
60€ per person
children (0-7)
40€ per person
Price: 60€
For prepaying: 60€

Meeting place

Meeting place

The meeting point is under the statute of king Louis XIV on a horse in front of the glass pyramid at the entrance of the Louvre museum.

The guide will hold a yellow sign
Metro Palais Royal - Musee du Louvre (metro lines 1 and 7)
Contact number: +33 6 95 11 37 55

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