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Музейная Муза
Музейная Муза
A museum muse Darya. No museum dust, only the feeling of flying and lightness! A museum may be alive! Forget everything you knew about museums. We'll start together from the very beginning. The main task of mine is to make your museum visits easy, unforgettable, comprehensive and useful, to tell you an inspiring story of the museum world of Paris, the basis for creative ideas. You may ask me what I am? I'm your museum muse, a graduate of Minsk University of Culture and Arts having a 2-year period of practical work in one of the most creative "laboratories" - the memorial museum-studio of Belarusian sculpture Z.I. Azgur. My museum activities had been interrupted by a travel to Istanbul where I learned to look at the surroundings in a simple manner and with gratitude having got as a result unforgettable and valuable life experience. My being here in Paris, one of the most beautiful and endless museum-cities, is real magic. And now this incredibly attractive city may become real magic for you as well. Let's get an easy start!
Дети хотят ещё! Мы сегодня были на экскурсии в Лувре с гидом Дарьей. Мои дети 11 и 7 лет бегали по Лувру с таким огнём в глазах, что у нас с мужем глаза были просто на лбу.Они выполняли задания, им было интересно рассматривать картины, скульптуры и так восторг длился несколько часов. Для нашей семьи время пролетело совершенно незаметно. Дарья, спасибо! Это был не только детский Лувр, но и взрослый!
Татьяна, 13.03.2022
This experience was simply amazing!Dasha is a very professional, patient and especially funny guide who told us some curious stories about the Louvre and the art objects inside. The tour is perfectly organized and we wouldn’t have managed to get this wonderful experience without Dasha and her great sense of humor. Highly recommended :) thank you so much!
Franziska & Nerina
Wonderful tour guide!Dasha's storytelling left a mark with me and I shared stories with my mom and grandma when I got home. I definitely learned a lot and I enjoyed the photo opportunity moments together. I would definitely recommend this tour and would love to attend another. Thank you again!!
Sarah, jan 2020
So glad we did this!Dasha was a super guide through the Louvre. She was knowledgeable and just great. We could have wandered through the Louvre for 8 hours and not saw what we saw in this 3 hour tour. Just great.
John, nov 2019
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Искусство благоухать или симфония ароматов
Perfume is your second skin. But the truth is, smell is an intangible wealth, especially when it suits you absolutely. Perfume is like a cloud in which it is pleasant to exist, live and breathe. Excursions in Paris are very various and one of the most originals is the Fragonard Museum.

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