Monsieur Tin-Tin

Месье Тинтин
Месье Тинтин
Tin-Tin is one of the three representatives of the strong half of humanity among the guides in the Super-Heroes team.

This special status imposes increased responsibility on him. Like his famous prototype from the comic book series "The Adventures of Tin-Tin", Tin-Tin is energetic, savvy and hardy, distinguished by good physical shape and inexhaustible optimism.

It were those qualities that one day allowed him to leave the westernmost region of Russia, having in his pocket a diploma of philologist, teacher of French language and literature. Given this fact, it is not surprising that for Tin-Tin the question of choosing a country of a new residence didn’t even come up! France beckoned and attracted him like a magnet! ⠀

Much water has flown under the bridge since that time. Since then, Tin-Tin managed to absorb the culture of his second homeland like a sponge. And now Tin-Tin can safely be proud of being a worthy representative of two great cultures - France and Russia. ⠀

Moreover! Not only a representative, but also a conductor, able to throw a bridge between them for those who need it. In addition, a professional conductor, because Tin-Tin passed the appropriate training at a university in France and received official accreditation of a guide-translator! ⠀

Therefore, it will be a great pleasure for Tin-Tin to come to your aid and share with you all his accumulated experience and knowledge about his beloved country and city!

Well, if you are interested in the secrets of the Versailles court - then Tin-Tin will be irreplaceable for you! For he is constantly haunted by the feeling that in a past life he lived at the court of King Louis XIV himself!
By Versailles slowlyLoved the tour to Versailles. Dmitry is an excellent guide with a good speech. He does not just talk, but all the time is in dialogue with the group. Despite the very hot weather, the tour left amazing impressions and unforgettable memories.
Daria Kuzovleva Moscow, Russia
The magnificence of VersaillesWere on a wonderful tour with Dmitry, not a single minute lost. Interestingly, informative, in the allotted time, they managed to familiarize themselves with both the palace and the park. At the end of the tour there was also a picnic. Then we walked through the park on our own. Were very pleased with the trip. Now these wonderful memories are forever with us. And the fact that positive emotions do not cloud anything (neither excessive tiredness, nor unfulfilled expectations or anticipation of the holiday) is, of course, a great merit of Dmitry. Thanks you!
marbo72 Moscow, Russia
Professionalism and inspirationRested for 8 days in Paris. We visited many interesting and beautiful places on our own, but decided that it was better to look at the main sights of this city, accompanied by professionals. Therefore, using the Internet, we found this wonderful company and did not regret it at all. Accompanied by guides, we visited as many as four fascinating excursions: Paris in 3 hours, the Louvre and Montmartre with a guide Elizabeth and Versailles with Dmitry. Especially I want to note the good organization of excursions: a timely start, the guides were easy to find in the indicated place, an early warning of the designated excursion, all the routes were well thought out.
Did not leave us indifferent guide Elizabeth. She not only has a good knowledge of historical facts, but also presents them in an interesting way. Every time we were amazed by the new, unknown to us information. All excursions were held not in the form of lectures, but as intimate conversations with long-familiar people. We can not say about Dmitry. Erudite, cheerful, sociable, answering all questions of tourists.
Thanks to your company for a nice time!
Christina K.
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