Monsieur Prof

Месье Проф
Месье Проф
Having received a lawyer degree in Austria and a journalist education in Italy, he has been working as a professor at the University of Paris for more than 20 years, and he was also Austria Press Agency’s correspondent in France, so no significant news or event passes him by!

He interviewed Britney Spears and Michael Jackson, the doctor who helped Princess Diana after her accident getting out of the car was the first to share information with him.

In Paris, he graduated with a guiding license and a driver’s license for a sea ship ...

Give him a number and he will turn it into a date! History, together with literature and art, has been his passion since childhood. When Monsieur Prof walks around Paris with his guests and friends - even stones come alive! Listening to his stories is like to watch a 3D movie.

Moreover, he is also our writer, the texts of our excursions are his work! Monsieur Prof loves to create and record new excursions like a plot for a thriller, comedy and melodrama - of course based on reliable data!

Mr. Prof has a sunny heart, together you will turn your visit in Paris into a real pleasure!
We are delighted!We want to express my deep gratitude to dear My Super Paris! We were in Paris for the first time and also for only 3 days. Before the trip, we were thinking about how to spend all these days with benefit. And then miraculously found My Super Paris. Christian and Christina took us from the airport and we immediately went on a 3.5-hour tour "Charm and the secrets of Paris." We really enjoyed it all, we plunged into the atmosphere of this city! We also compiled a program for 3 days with a detailed description. In general, during these days we managed to see a lot of sights of this city. We want to say a huge thank you to wonderful Christine for these days in Paris, we will definitely return!
Lena B
It was very interesting!Good day!
I want to share my impressions about visiting Paris and the work of the company from My Super Paris. Everything was very soulful!
I flew on a business trip from Moscow to Dresden via Paris and had the opportunity to stay in the French capital for two days. I wanted to look at the city qualitatively and plunge into the atmosphere without the crowds of frenzied compatriots. Following the advice of my friends, I turned to “My Super Paris” and did not regret it at all.
"The charm and secrets of Paris" was a tour of the first day. The wonderful girl Christina showed me many interesting and hidden corners of Paris from the tourist crowd. She knows the city perfectly. Her knowledge of history, architecture and attractions is of a very high standard. Christina is a wonderful guide, sitting at a table with a cup of steaming coffee in an outdoor cafe really feel like a part of the story that is currently being discussed. As if you yourself are witnessing events that happened here a couple of hundred years ago, so deep immersion. You are lucky if your guide is Christina.
The second day was devoted to shopping tour, which gave me a Christian. Wonderful tour, correct shops.
The main "trick" of the company is an individual approach and not beaten plots and places. I will continue to recommend My Super Paris to colleagues and friends.
Recomend for everybodyI live in Geneva, I travel a lot and I like to visit various excursions. Before another trip to Paris, I wanted to find a good excursion to see the city through the eyes of a local resident. My Super Paris project was recommended to me by guys from Paris. Even when agreeing on the details I liked the conversation with Christina and we agreed on 2 excursions in Paris. Christian gave me one in English, and Christina the second in Russian. Everything was very interesting, informative and high quality! And not least, the price of the excursion is very reasonable. If you want to have a wonderful time in Paris, I highly recommend this project. They conduct not only excursions, but also help you to draw up a program of independent walks around Paris, and also get discount tickets to museums and various events.
Knowabroad Geneva, Switzerland
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