Madame Voyage

Мадам Вояж
Мадам Вояж
She has several universities in Moscow and France, but she chose the profession of a time traveler, and after obtaining her guiding license, she began to transfer our guests to the most memorable moments in the history of Paris. ⠀

Madame Voyage speaks excellent French, and easily communicates with local natives of any era and part of France. Will translate from Parisian into an understandable language. ⠀

Her hobbies are a passion for photography and traveling around the world, but especially for the most interesting events in the history of France and Paris. ⠀

Madame Voyage will take you through time and show you the bohemian Paris of the early 20th century, invite you to dinner with Hemingway and Fitzgerald in the aristocratic quarter of Saint-Germain-des-Prés. ⠀

You can travel with her during the French Revolution, and look at the execution of king Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette in the former Royal Square, and then instantly go forward 40 years and mix in the crowd of spectators of the installation of the Egyptian obelisk in the same square already under the name of “Concorde”. ⠀

Walk along the old streets of Montmartre - a former village at the northern end of Paris, at a time when this then Parisian suburb was strewn with mills and vineyards - at the click of her fingers. As magic you can find yourself in Imperial Paris of the late 19th century, break into the era of kings and revolutions, and slip into the society of creative bohemia of the 1920ies. ⠀

Buckle up! The journey through the most interesting times of Paris begins!
Indeed, as Hemingway bequeathed: “Paris is a moveable feast”. And Madame Voyage invites you to celebrate with her!
«Надежда - просто обалденный экскурсовод!»Замечательная экскурсия, Надежда - просто обалденный экскурсовод! Мы брали с ней несколько экскурсий и там безумно понравилось! Такие интересные детали, видно, что Надежде очень нравится то, что она делает. Замечательная компания, все было организовано на высшем уровне, мы остались в полном восторге и будем всем рекомендовать эту компанию и экскурсоводов! Спасибо большое!
Катя Лурье
Highly recommendedNadia was well versed in the history of Paris & took us to places we would probably not have found on our own. She was a great tour guide who gave us just the right amount of information, never overwhelming us with too much detail. Highly recommended!
Great! Nadia was great. We had all been to the Louvre before, and Nadia showed us things we never would have seen on our own—and I have a degree in French and my friend has one in art history! From the history of the Louvre itself, to the stories behind the art, our guide really knew her stuff! She was also kind and helpful. Well worth the money.
Еnjoyable experienceWe had an enjoyable Louvre experience with Nadia. It was just the right amount of time for a first time visit to the Louvre - covered the most popular pieces with interesting stories and history behind the art/sculptures that we would not have otherwise known. We also saw some of Nadia’s favorites in the Louvre as well hear about the collections in the Louvre we can see at other galleries in the world which was a nice touch - Nadia is very passionate about art and knows her stuff!
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Приезжая в Париж и прогуливаясь по самым красивым улицам мира, можно встретить и свои родные названия, места, постройки и здания.
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