Madame Chic

Мадам Шик
Мадам Шик
She keeps a secret of Parisian charm, about which Mona Lisa personally informed her!
In order to receive a personal audience on a daily basis and listen to the secrets of the famous Mona Lisa, Madame Chic had to go through a difficult but amazing way! ⚡️

This true Parisian woman was born in the Urals, where she studied psychology, preparing to understand and help people. Then she traveled across the ocean and went to live in New York, just the start of a series of amazing journeys around the world. By doing so, she learned what it means to be a real traveler and what difficulties and tasks he encounters. ⠀

And then her acting career began! And here she already learned to tell her stories in such a way, that it would be simply impossible to break away! Well, the final step was the study, already in Paris, of the history of art and France, in order to get a guiding license and fulfill her dream, to live in the best city in the world, surrounded by beauty and grace and endlessly fall in love with people in this city!
Просто божественно! Брала экскурсию по Монмартру в сентябре. Экскурсовод - Елизавета. Это было просто божественно! Настоятельно рекомендую каждому, кто посетит Париж. Шарм, глубокие знания, любовь к своей профессии и к Парижу, сделали экскурсию невероятно интересной. Елизавета, огромное вам спасибо!!!
Марина Белью
Нашим гидом была настоящая волшебница! Мы брали индивидуальную экскурсию по Marais в понедельник, когда закрыто было всё, но другого дня у нас не было. Елизавета сделала всё, чтобы экскурсия была незабываема и у неё получилось на все 100. Елизавета, Вы - ФЕЯ. Наши дети 11 и 7 лет пархали просто по Марэ почти 3 часа и это после 3 часов в Лувре и, к слову, от Лувра до места встречи мы шли пешком. Дети были очень уставшие,но уже с первых слов Елизаветы было ясно, что они об усталости они забыли напрочь. Всей семье было оооочень интересно. Результат- оставшийся вечер наша дочь проводила связи между Медичами, Генрихами...(это была наша тема, запрошенная) а наш сын теперь пытается понять, где отыскать сокровища Тамплиеров. Восторг полный! Обязательно увидимся снова. Спасибо за Ваш огонь в глазах, который Вы передали нам.
Татьяна, 14.03.2022
Delight!Thank!! Very interesting tour! We really enjoyed! We were with my husband and children and weren’t sure that the children would survive, but Elizabeth, thanks to her so much, she told her so interestingly that even the children listened with their mouths open :) We are the way too. In general, the tour is organized just fine, no fatigue after. But a lot of new interesting information and pleasant emotions!
February 16, 2018
Fall in love with Paris and conquer the LouvreThat is what happened to us! We fell in love with our delightful guide Elizabeth, who in two hours managed to tell us so much interesting and fascinating, and also showed us the hottest points of the museum and shared the secrets of the Louvre! We will definitely come back to explore Paris with you many, many times !!!
Daria S
If you think that you know the best guide, then surely you are mistaken, or Travel to beautiful ParisQuite by chance I was lucky to meet Elizaveta, an open, competent and sooo spiritual guide. The presentation of information is excellent, there are no dry stories, everything is very emotional and detailed (although these two facts are extremely rare in excursions). After the first acquaintance I want to learn more, see, go ... a person who inspires with his enthusiasm, answers all questions and helps to solve the problems of a tourist. The program is composed perfectly, so that after the excursion there are indescribable emotions. Definitely recommend! Elizabeth, thanks to you, I am in love with Paris. Thank!
Galina186 St. Petersburg, Russia
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