Madame Marshall

Мадам Маршаль
Мадам Маршаль
Madame Marshall will tell you about history like no other! Having walked with Napoleonic troops across all the battlefields of Europe, she knows all (or almost all) the secrets of the most famous commander, his marshals and generals. She will introduce you to other historical characters with whom she herself has long been on a short leg. She will show you the places where the history of France was taking place, where the foot of the kings and emperors, beautiful favorites, great scientists and writers that you already read or heard about, has stepped on.

Arriving in the French capital from her native Karelia 20 years ago, Madame Marechal studied at the Sorbonne and led several French historical magazines, while conducting tours of Paris on various topics and accompanying groups on battlefields and museums. She is the winner of two prestigious literary awards, from the French Academy and the Napoleonic Foundation. Despite all these regalia, Madame Marechal knows how to talk about the past so that it gets closer, with humor and a twinkle in her eyes, drawing the audience into the bizarre world of French history, where there is everything except boredom!
«Наталья-одна из лучший специалистов по эпохе Наполеона!»Были на зкскурсии с Натальей. Очень понравилось во многом благодаря экскурсоводу. Нужно сказать что Наталья-одна из лучший специалистов по эпохе Наполеона, если на лучшая. Знание предмета и умение заинтересовать, донести суть до уставшего туриста -это то, что делает историческую экскурсию не менее впечатляющей, чем экскурсии богатые визуально. Нужно сказать,что не только эта экскурсия с Натальей нам понравилась, но и другие-Пантеон, прогулка по местам мушкетеров, да и просто информация по ходу. Огромное спасибо Наталье за удовольствие общения и успехов.
Лев и Любовь
Great!I would have never thought that our best guide in Paris would be Russian. Indeed, Natalia might be Russian, but she's above all a true Parisian. She's fallen in love with French culture as a kid, and today she lives and communicates her passion to tourists. We hit all the big sites: Eiffel tower, Champs Elysees, Place Vendome, Louvre. For sure any guide book can tell you the basics about these, but someone like Natalia will go the extra mile. A historian by training, with Napoleon as her favorite character she brings that extra flavour you just can't get in a book. did you know there was a palace closing the Louvre where Napoleon lived ? Well, she'll tell you all about it. Did you know that there should have been an Elephant on top of the Champs and not the arch ? Again you'll hear it from her. Time flew and we can't recommend her enough as a guide.
Jim, Dobbs-Ferry, NY
A wonderful tour! We were in Paris just before everything was locked down, lucky we. Had a great time with our guide Natalia. She always had an anecdote as if she's lived there at the time of the kings and emperors. Don't know when you can go there, but worth having a tour of the city with her.
Bob, Corpus Christi, TX
Highlights and hidden pearls in LouvreEver hear that the Louvre would take you forever to see everything and you feel overwhelmed on where to start? Worry no longer, this tour in two hours takes you through the Louvre - literally from bottom to top - and with Natalia as your guide she will bring you up to speed, orientate you and then share with you so much interesting and engaging information you'll NEVER feel lost in the Louvre again... #justsaying #louvrenoobnomore #nataliarules With out making you feel rushed Natalia quickly over the two hours shares with you not just art history but architectural history of the Louvre itself. Well versed in English Natalia was a fantastic guide with so much knowledge it allowed me to get answers to many of my questions. Merci Madame. Trés trés magnifique
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