Madame Bonbon

Мадам Бонбон
Мадам Бонбон
“To talk about cuisine - French cuisine - means talking about the joy of living, lightness, optimism, pleasure - these are the ideas that come to mind when you talk about France”.

Madame Bonbon is personally acquainted with the most exquisite French desserts.
Her supernatural sense of smell allows her to catch the subtlest aromas, and the taste buds feel all the subtleties and shades of the works of confectionery art.

Walking with you through the streets of Paris, I will be pleased to share the addresses of the best boulangeries and pastry shops. You won’t only learn about the history and culture of France, but you will also discover airy meringues, light mousses, caramel with crust, Pastry filled with almond paste, biscuit madeleines, various eclairs, impeccable parfait, not to mention macarons and croissants.

Madame Bonbon - always “with taste” - talks about her beloved Paris, and her professional passion for psychology allows her to tell very subtly about works of art and their authors.
In addition, the sunny mood brought from Madame Bonbon's hometown of Sochi will warm you in any weather.
Informative and professionalExcursion to five points. Everything was super. Very informative, interesting and exciting. Guide Maria is a real professional. Very deep knowledge and amazing presentation. Three hours went by like five minutes. We learned a lot of new things about many historical personalities. I advise everyone. thank
Andrey K
So much charm in one walk!We were on a walking tour of Paris. I want to say a big thank you to our guide Maria for a detailed story about all the objects of the tour, an introductory part of the history of events, a colorful and figurative story. Very nice and interesting. I would like to note that my husband and I were together, and we did not cancel and did not move the tour, so we had an individual walk with a guide. Thank!
Walking tours with MariaMaria is in love with what she does, it is felt from the first minute of acquaintance, it is clear that she is interested in many things. He tells interesting, with little-known facts, curious details that are not in the guidebook. The routes are very well organized, while Maria pays attention, if someone is tired, she slowly slows down. And how many unexpected angles: Masha showed us a wonderful museum and an original approach to the Eiffel Tower. We got a lot of fun! Be sure the next time we use this company for excursions in Paris. Very grateful.
MariannaD29, New York
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