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There are places on Earth that you should see at least once in your life because of their uniqueness!

They are World Heritage Sites protected by UNESCO. In France there are currently 44 such objects, of which the Versailles palace and park complex is certainly considered the most famous.

Our guests have the opportunity not only to visit the Castle of Versailles and take a walk in the most famous gardens in the world, but also to spend time like real French - that means: having a picnic!

Created in the second half of the 17th century, it is characterized by a unique integrity of concept and harmony between architectural forms and a unique landscape. This masterpiece was the project of the whole life of Louis XIV, the most famous king in the history of France, and a monument of an entire era. It was in it that the creative genius of the French people embodied, which inspired other European rulers to create their own Versailles, whether it be the castle of Ludwig II of Bavaria in Herrenchiemsee, the residence of Empress Maria Theresa in Schönbrunn or Petergoff by Tsar Peter the Great in St. Petersburg.

Until now, the luxury of the Palace of Versailles and the beauty of the park amaze visitors from all over the world. We provide you with a unique opportunity not only to personally see this masterpiece accompanied by our guide, but also to hear the history of its creation, to find out the purpose of the Big and Small Chambers of the King, the Gallery of Mirrors, the Great Chambers of the Queen and other rooms, as well as understand the numerous symbols hidden in the building and park of Versailles. And of course, your acquaintance will be accompanied by interesting stories related to the king’s life in this incredible place!

The final chord of your stay in this fabulous place will be a visit to the magnificent gardens and park of Versailles, which are its integral part. It was here, under the guidance of the genius gardener André Le Nôtre, that the garden art “in the French manner” became worldwide famous and was perfected. This is a whole world consisting of fountains, sculptures, bosquets and flower beds, filled with surprises, optical illusions and magic!

At this moment, you will finally understand that Versailles is a unique place not only in France but also throughout the world, and that you became one of those lucky people who managed not only to see this masterpiece with their own eyes, but to get the maximum amount of useful and interesting information about it.

And after an excursion in the cool of centuries-old trees, a traditional French picnic will be waiting for you on the banks of the Grand Channel, built by the king on the model of the Gran Canale in Venice!


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pro Person
3,5 Stunde

Sie sehen :

  • The bedroom of king Louis XIV
  • The Hall of mirrors
  • The coronation hall
  • The collection of Royal portraits
  • The king’s dining room
  • The rooms of the court
  • The King’s office (where was signed the peace treaty after the First World War)
  • Queen Marie Antoinette’s bedroom
  • The marble courtyard
  • Versailles gardens
  • The Royal Orangery
  • The big channel Canal Grande
  • + possible continuation with picnic in the King’s garden

Wichtige Informationen

  • Additional payments:
1) Admittance ticket to the palace and gardens Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday - 27 euros per person, Thursday - 20 euros per person. Guests under 18 do not need admittance tickets to the palace.
2) Admittance to Versailles Gardens for children on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays costs 10 euros.
3) Travel by comfortable public transport (round-trip) - 10 euros per person

  • You don’t need to buy tickets yourself, the guide reserves group tickets with the right to conduct excursions. If you purchase tickets yourself, you will not be able to get on a guided tour
  • The tour takes place in mini-groups up to 18 people
  • Book this tour in advance; seats in mini-groups may end
  • The tour takes place starting with three participants
  • From Paris to Versailles we get by public transport (convenient and low-cost)
  • On this tour, the guide couldn’t wait for latecomers, please come to the meeting place 15 minutes before the start of the tour advance payments and price of tickets are not refundable in case of cancellation from your side
  • to order excursions for large groups, please contact us
64€ pro Person
Kinder (8-17)
64€ pro Person
Kinder (0-7)
31€ pro Person
Kosten: 64€
Vorauszahlung: 21€



Guide with a sign at the fountain of Saint-Michel
  (Saint-Michel station, metro line 4)
* the meeting place can be changed, in this case you will be contacted in advance
Contact phone: +33 6 95 11 37 55

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