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Everybody heard at least once about Napoleon Bonaparte - the greatest general of all time. His monumental tomb is located in Paris in the crypt of an equally magnificent cathedral, where the Sun King himself was once present at the ceremonies.

Around the cathedral you find one of the most interesting architectural complexes in the French capital - the Disabled House (Invalides). Recently it turned 350 years old!
During our fascinating tour, you will hear interesting facts about the life of royal veteran soldiers, take a look at their refectory and learn to distinguish between certain units of the French army during the “lace war” and the Napoleonic wars while walking around the Army Museum - one of the richest in the world.

You will find out during what period camels were in the French army, why Napoleon lost his last battle, look into his camp tent, get acquainted with his famous marshals ... and a life-size war horse!

Finally, you go down to the crypt, where the guide will tell you what the Napoleon’s sarcophagus has in common with the Lenin Mausoleum and what role Tsar Nicolas I played in its construction. And the memorable photo with the colossal statue of Napoleon will become one of the most vivid impressions of our tour!

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Sie sehen :

- Tombs of Napoleon I and Napoleon II
- Dining rooms and workshops of military boarders
- Weapons, clothes, secret letters and the beloved horse of Napoleon I
- The famous collection of portraits of Napoleon I of different times
- Military uniform of the army of Napoleon I
- St. Louis Soldier Church
- Royal Cathedral of the House of Disabled
- War Trophies (from Notre Dame)

Wichtige Informationen

  • ENTRANCE TICKETS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE COST OF THE EXCURSION ; YOU HAVE TO PAY THE TICKETS AT THE MEETING WITHH THE GUIDE. Ticket price - 14 €, for participants under 18 years the admission to the museum is free upon presentation of a document confirming the age
  • This excursion is subject to a discount for children from 0 to 7 years old upon presentation of documents proving age
  • The tour takes place starting with 2 people
  • On group excursions, the guide could not wait longer than 15 minutes; please make sure to arrive in time
  • Please note: the inscriptions to the tour end 18 hours before the beginning
  • The places in the mini-group are reserved in advance, in case of cancellation of the excursion from your side 48 hours or less before it starts, the advance payment is not refund
  • to order excursions for large groups, please contact us, please

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Guide with a sign at the gate of the main entrance to the Disabled House (Invalides)

Metro: Invalides (metro lines 8 and 13)

 For Taxi: Rond-Point du Bleuet de France, 75007 Paris

Contact number: +33 6 95 11 37 55